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Bridgnorth Business Laptop Repair, Business PC Repair, Network Repair

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A&A Computer Repair are pleased to offer ongoing office computer support plans - ongoing business computer service plans.

Eg; £80 per month plan.

Includes annual security assessment. We will scan systems for viruses, malware - malicious software, trojan viruses, ransomware and security loopholes - we will advise accordingly.

Covers up to 8 Bridgnorth Office Computers per site running Windows operating systems (any combination of PCs and Laptops but not including servers).

We guarantee a 24-7 service with issue attendance within 4 working hours of fault report in Bridgnorth (8am to 8pm; £35 call out fee + parts applies). If out of hours in Telford (8pm to 8am); £50 call out fee + parts applies.

In the vast majority of cases, assessments, installations, fault resolutions etc will be dealt with by Kevin.

Bridgnorth Office Computer Repair and Support

Shropshire Based Qualified Computer Engineer


Fast, Low Cost, High Quality Office Computer Repair

Qualified Computer Engineer Support, Bridgnorth

Please note; initial and annual visits will involve computer servicing, software updates and diagnosis (fault prevention).

Covered computers should be running high quality anti virus software such as Norton or Kaspersky. It should be noted that free anti virus software is usually inadequate for home and often represents a false economy. 

Bridgnorth office computer virus and ransomware protection

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Bridgnorth Virus Removal and Support

Please note that we recommend Kaspersky Internet Security.

Many Bridgnorth companies use Barclays Online Banking. Please note that at the time of writing; Barclays offer free Kaspersky Internet Security licenses to Barclays Online Banking customers.

During the Wannacry Ransomware attack of May 2017, measures taken by A&A Computer Repair to protect A&A clients resulted in zero infections (100% protection - zero disruption was achieved).

This was achieved by our installing updates, configuring updates and installing - configuring high quality Internet Security software on clients systems.

Please also note that we do not view clients files and the legality or otherwise of installed software is not our concern. Eg; we are Microsoft partners, but we do not test for the legality or otherwise of software unless the client asks us to do so, and we do not report suspected infringements. Our relationship with clients is strictly confidential.

We offer; discounted upgrades

eg; we can clone clients current hard disk drives to SSD and install from only £30 per system (does not include SSD). However, we will advise on which SSD to acquire and recommend a supplier (with whome we will have no relationship).

 Acer Windows Office Computer Repair in Bridgnorth
Acer Computer Repair Bridgnorth
 Asus Windows Office Computer Repair in Bridgnorth
Asus Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Compaq Windows Office Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Compaq Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Dell Windows Office Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Dell Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Fujitsu Windows Office Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Fujitsu Computer Repair Bridgnorth
 HP Windows Office Computer Repair Bridgnorth
HP Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Lenovo Windows Office Computer Repair Bridgnorth
 Lenovo Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Samsung Business Windows Office Laptop Repair in Bridgnorth
Samsung Laptop Repair Bridgnorth
Sony Vaio Windows Office Computer Repair in Bridgnorth
Sony Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Toshiba Office Laptop Computer Repair Bridgnorth
Toshiba Laptop Repair Bridgnorth


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Bridgnorth Office Network Repair

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