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Our friendly, qualified, highly experienced UK computer engineers have many years experience in Computer Repair and UK computer fault finding.

We have repaired computers and upgraded home computers from throughout the UK.

At one time, it was possible to perform a full UK Windows computer reinstallation onsite. However, times change. Modern home computers require regular updates to ensure that Windows runs correctly and that the computer is secure.

A recent example of this was the May 2017 UK ransomware attacks. Affected computers were those which did not run quality anti virus software and which had not performed Windows updates.

A&A UK Computers believe in quality workmanship. When we repair a home computer, we clean internal components and we perform full updates. This takes time.

We can visit clients to repair computers in their home. This will usually be to resolve BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) issues. If the home computer is running quality software and is installing updates without issue, then in many cases we can fix computers with BSOD problems quickly and simply (using software). In a few cases, the blue screen will be caused by memory issues which we can also fix on site.

If we need to remove a home computer, we copy clients data to our secure server before starting work (this can take several hours). Performing a full Windows reinstallation can take over an hour. Identifying, installing and checking the correct drivers can take over an hour. Installing all available Windows updates can take several hours (we often perform updates overnight). Copying clients data back to their repaired computer can take several hours.

This is why many UK clients deliver their system to us, or we collect locally (we offer free local collection and free computer return with our Computer Repair service).

Put simply; if a full re-installation cannot be performed correctly onsite. A&A Computer Repairs can collect the system and perform a full diagnosis - perform full legal Windows computer full re-installation (using your existing license and official software).

Our service is provided at low cost because we can work on several machines simultaneously. Each customer receives a first class computer repair and first class computer support at low cost.

Bridgnorth Home Computer Repair

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Bridgnorth Computer Repair Phone Number

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A&A Fast, Low Cost Bridgnorth Home Computer Repair

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Most UK home computer repairs (UK Home PC Repairs or UK Home Laptop Repairs) are completed within 24 to 48 hours and the system is usually returned with 24 hours of the system passing its final checks.

If the home computer is infected with a virus, we strongly advise deleting the current Windows installation and re-installing Windows, with the correct drivers etc and then installing good Antivirus software.

About viruses and Bridgnorth computer virus removal

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Home computer (Home PC and laptop) support, home computer repair & home computer service forms a large part of our business with over 90% of that business coming from recommendations & re-orders (we do not advertise).

The home computer revolution means that home computers (home PCs) are now just as important as business machines and we understand that different people have different requirements.

Our home computer repair service differs from others in many ways, and these include providing a full featured service with totally honest advice & ongoing support. A&A Computer Repairs can identify & remove spyware, pop-up viruses etc & restore the PCs speed & performance & can often silence noisy computers (noisy PCs).

We are so confident of the quality of our service, that A&A Computer Repairs can charge far below the going rate for that service & our low overheads (we do not need to carry large quantities of stock) allow us to provide top notch service at rock bottom prices.

Additionally; we can advise on home computer upgrade issues such as graphics cards (video cards) for both serious & computer game use, home networks & home networking issues, data recovery hard disk drive upgrades, memory upgrades & much much more.

A&A Computer Repairs can also advise on computer upgrades for home computers (home PCs) which others claim cannot accept a memory upgrade, hard disk upgrade or video card upgrade (graphics card upgrade).

Spyware or virus removal service

Typically; we will find, identify & remove the virus or spyware & will usually advise on the most probable source of infection. We will then install the latest service packs & security updates. We will usually also install a firewall, Anti Spyware software, anti virus software (to provide added protection), and will configure & fully test the system for you.

If the virus or spyware cannot be removed, we will usually create a new Windows installation, complete with the latest service packs & security updates & will usually also install a firewall, Anti Spyware software, anti virus software, and will configure & fully test the unit for you.


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Bridgnorth Computer Repair Reviews

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